My name is Nicola Green I am a Spiritual Advisor, Mentor, Author and Healer.

I started this work 30 years ago through doing mini readings for friends and family. Now, with over 3000 followers on Facebook and working with clients all over the world, my mission is to help as many souls awaken to their spiritual gifts as possible so together we can make change.

I combine my gifts of clairvoyance, healing and channeling to create powerful shifts for my clients.

Who is my work for?

On a simple note: Coaches, Healers and Psychics. Those who are starting out on this journey, filled with intrigue and the willingness to learn more.

I am passionate about helping others step forward on this spiritual path and grow.

When I started on my journey, I felt lost and isolated. I couldn’t find a mentor that I felt was in alignment with my own feelings. This is why I now want to give back and stop others making the mistakes I did.

If you are:

  • A soul who is lost and stuck.

  • A soul who wants to connect with loved ones and needs that closure.

  • A soul wanting to open your intuitive channel.

  • A soul wanting to shift your energy.

  • A soul wanting to help people greatly, but feels your path is blocked.

I will be your guide and nurture your path so you feel safe to walk it.

You are in safe hands.

Love, Nicola