It all started when…

I attended my first spiritual church when I was 19, but nevermind that! If you wanna hear my life story be sure to check out my book!

Either way, I started my journey over 25 years ago as a counsellor and Master NLP Practitioner and found my true vocation when I was called to help people in a more personal way and at a deeper level than I could possibly have done in my previous role.

I always knew I had a psychic ability and intuitive gift, so once I began to fine tune these further, I felt truly compelled to share them more and more and to support other people who needed guidance.

My role now is to help you to find your own power within, to help you move to a space where you are able to take action, to make the right decisions and to help you transition towards a more meaningful and fulfilled existence, this is my true calling and I am passionate about helping you move towards yours.