Have you ever felt like you don’t belong or that there is something inherently wrong with you? Have you ever tried to hide who you are to fit in a world that otherwise leaves you feeling unwanted, flawed and alone?

That was me for much of my life.

Over the next eight chapters, I will take you on a journey as you reclaim your power, reignite your dreams and shine your light so brightly that it blazes a trail for others to follow. I will share the darkest moments that lead to reawakening my greatest gifts, enabling me to step fully into the person I was born to be.

You came into this world with a purpose.

You incarnated at this time for a reason.

Now, if you’re ready and willing, it’s time to lift the veil, shed the beliefs and conditioning that have bound you, and share your true essence with the world.


A truly inspirational lady Nicola is. Once I started reading The Gift Of Your Wounds, I just couldn’t put it down. This book made me think! It made me cry, but most of all, it has given me the strength to believe in me. Such wisdom and healing words. Such an inspiration.

This book has made me look at life so different. I couldn’t put it down once I started! Well done Nicola for all the hard work and dedication to get where you are

There is SO much wisdom in this book. I heard exactly what I needed at just the right moment. Nicola’s story is so inspiring. Her story of baby loss was heart wrenching yet one of such strength and hope. She really shows how adversity doesn’t have to be a barrier to success, however that looks for you. If you know someone struggling with low self-esteem, mental health issues or learning difficulties, do gift them this book.

Nicola gives clear examples of her journey and how she felt and dealt with obstacles along the way, it’s true we all carry burdens/fears from our childhood, a fascinating read I couldn’t put it down.

This is the book I have been looking for all my life. It described in so many different ways. How I felt for most of my life. It gave an interesting perspective as well as innovative ways of handling things. I highly recommend it for all ages.